Simple Story Tip #1: Make the Stakes clear and compelling

Are you boring folks?
Losing their attention?

You probably have not made sure that your pitch, speech, memo, or other story have stakes: there is nothing at stake that really matters to someone.

Or there are stakes but you haven’t made them clear.

Don’t do this:
– We provide 3PL solutions to wholesale.
– We are the best at marketing!
– The break room must be cleaned on Friday.

Who cares? About any of that? What happens if it’s ignored?

– We get the stuff that matters to the people who care.
– Here’s a story of a client whose business succeeded because of our marketing.
– Frank saw mouse droppings. We really need to clean the break room to prevent vermin from eating all your food or pooping on it.

Look over your deck. Your speech. Your memo.

Is it clear what matters?

Is it clear who it matters to?

Is it clear why it would be bad if this thing you’re talking about didn’t happen?

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