About Adam

I spent 30 years as a business journalist working for some of the best outlets in the US.

I co-created NPR’s Planet Money; I was economics writer for The New York Times Magazine and then The New Yorker. I won a lot of awards, like the Peabody.

I wrote a book, The Passion Economy: The New Rules For Thriving In the Twenty-First Century. It’s good. You should read it! Or listen. I recorded the audiobook.

You can see pretty much everything I ever did as a journalist at my other site.

While I was most known for my on-air or in-print work, I spent much of my career focused on media business strategy. I was advisor to NPR’s CEO and the leadership of The New York Times and The New Yorker on how to adjust to the rapid changes brought about by digital disruption.

I also worked on a bunch of films and TV shows, including The Big Short (that was fun!).

While I was a storyteller by training, I was increasingly fascinated by strategy.

Eventually, I left daily journalism to become founder and CEO of Three Uncanny Four, a podcast production company that was a joint venture with Sony Music. We created some amazing shows. But, I messed up our strategy pretty badly. And that company was dissolved after a few years. But, as every failed founder knows, I learned more by failing than I ever could by succeeding.

For the last several years, I’ve worked closely with CEOs and other leaders on how identify their core strategic story and how to tell that story powerfully to the people who most need to understand and embrace it.

I’ve worked with executives at some amazing companies:

Apple, Salesforce, LinkedIn, The New York Times, The New Yorker, ParkerGale, SourceIntelligence, Biscom, and many others.