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There is a LOT we can do together.

Company Story.

I like to start any engagement by working, one-on-one, with a business’s leader, usually the CEO.

My favorite clients are ones who have a passion for their business and a real story to tell, but who sometimes struggle to land that story with all the key audiences they want to persuade.

Together, we can build deep clarity about the company’s essential story and a plan to tell it powerfully to everyone who needs to understand and embrace it.

Sometimes, these one-on-one engagements can lead to a broader project with senior leadership, investors, or other key stakeholders.

Individual Professional Story.

I also like to work with a small number of solopreneurs, small business owners, and rising executives on identifying and honing their unique personal and professional core story. We then craft a plan to convey that story to the people who most need to understand and embrace it.

This can lead to influential thought leader articles and viral LinkedIn posts, a book, or just an improved ability to hold one’s own in meetings and casual get-togethers.

It all starts with a conversation

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