Tell Your Story.
Tell it Well.

A Great Strategy without a Powerful Story is Lifeless.
A Strong Story without Smart Strategy is Dangerous.
Let’s build your Strategic Story.

Let's Nail Your Story So It Matters to the People Who Matter Most

You create value in a unique way. You serve a specific kind of customer.
You have (or hope to have) a powerful mission, culture, and vision for growth.

But not everyone knows all that.

There are key folks who don’t quite get what makes your business special.


You know that if you could tell your story more powerfully, you would:

       Attract more investors and earn more trust from the ones you have now.

       Recruit the right talent (and screen out the wrong).

       Align your team around a clear, shared vision.

       Convert the right customers who would pay your real value.


In short: you need to master Strategic Storytelling.

I’m Adam Davidson.

I help CEOs and other leaders develop a tight, clear, convincing core story; tie it to their business strategy; and tell it well to the people who matter most.

The best news: it’s not that hard. It’s actually a lot of fun.

We've told amazing stories with the best storytellers